will.jpg ✦ 29 ✦ oklahoma, usa

hi, my name is will. i'm 29 and i live with my wife (mads) and our cat (wurm) in a perpetual nightmare zone i have no hope of ever escaping (oklahoma, usa.)

i'm a writer (in the sense that i've written one thing in the last year.) i do a lot of digital art. sometimes i do some graphic design stuff. mostly i draw 3/4 portraits of people that never get finished. i have aspirations of making a webcomic someday but that seems pretty unlikely. i did merch for a youtuber once.

current interests

hobbies: art, writing, making music, video editing, bullet journaling, photography, webdev, ttrpgs, tabletop games, collecting itemlabel releases, idk i'm pretty boring???

games: elden ring, animal crossing, pokemon, inscryption, tf2, the sims, final fantasy xiv, picross,

music: brave shores, machine girl, radiohead, adolf nomura, orchid porn, angelspit, run the jewels, tyler the creator, dated, pokey lafarge, the hellp, nero's day at disneyland, mf doom, jidenna, sorry, skinny puppy, young-holt unlimited, goth babe, benee (this list could go on literally forever)

shows: pop team epic, saiyuki, inside man, rick and morty (listen i know), it's always sunny in philadelphia, jojo's bizarre adventure, boogiepop phantom (2000), chainsaw man, hannibal, what we do in the shadows, nirvanna the band the show

streamers: radio tv solutions (wayneradiotv, hollowtones, socpens, mastergir, tr0g, mirakurutaimu, baaulp), jerma985, ludwig, letsgameitout, hasanabi

web content: nexpo, gemini home entertainment, hannah the horrible, the internet historian, defunctland, puppet history, ghost files, dish granted, the backrooms (kane pixels), jelle's marble runs, vargskelethor joel, saltydkdan, whang, homestar runner, probably lots of others that i can't think of right this second


if any of the following apply: