stuff i'd like to do:
  1. nuzlocke log
  2. quiz results?
  3. webgardens
  4. teeny towers
  5. sticker club
  6. cliques?
  7. page for adoptables


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i've tried a thousand times to use neocities to make a professional portfolio or something more like a carrd, but i've never actually finished any of those attempts. i've been around since the internet actually looked like this, though, and i miss the uninhibited fun and creativity of the old web. instead of trying to sell myself or my work online, i've decided that i just want to use this space to play around, learn new web dev techniques, and post things that make me happy.

i'll be perfectly honest: i'm going through what i can only assume is a quarter-life crisis. over the last year and a half, i've become extraordinarily self-conscious about the things that i like, and the ways in which i interact with those things. and that's made those things less enjoyable! and that sucks! but also, the old internet was largely populated by people well into adulthood who dedicated time and energy to creating websites for whatever their interests were, regardless of how weird or obscure they might have been, and i really love that.

i miss unabashedly enjoying something. i miss being excited about something and not wishing i wasn't. i'm gonna make shrine pages and like fucking. stamps and blinkies and i'm gonna post cringe and i'm going to have a good time.

here's a good video for you :)


- added content warning bc i just realized there's a LOT of kids on neocities!! (2/7)
- added nuzlocke page (2/7)
- added thoughts page, to-do/ideas section (2/5)
- added images page (2/4)
- rewrote code for index.html, changed some images, added and removed favs page (2/3)
- added shrines page, jerma shrine yikes lmao (1/23)
- updated intro, added about page (1/13)
- completely changed color scheme (1/11)
- replaced images (1/10)

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