will.jpg's "totally successful" "100% no-death" pokemon sapphire nuzlocke run

so my emulator ate shit and i lost my data;;; i haven't had the heart to start a new save, but i'm going to maybe tonight or tomorrow. i'll miss lil stirfry. :(

so begins tinyboy's big adventure.:⟩ i decided to run the 3rd gen because it's easy to emulate, it's nice to look at, and i know it pretty well. i've never actually completed a nuzlocke because i get too attached and then i decide to just play it as normal. but not this time, because now i'm holding myself publicly accountable online, lmao.

sped through the intro pretty quickly (eternally grateful for the ffwd feature in gba emulators,) talked to may, and went into the tall grass to save prof. elm. i used an rng to determine which starter i'd take, numbering them 1-3 from left to right. i ended up with torchic! i named him stirfry, after my favorite/least favorite little guy.

grinded up to lv. 8, then made my way to oldale town. got my free potion, got stirfry up to lv. 10, then did the battle with may.

after speeding back to littleroot town, i got through the dialogue with prof. elm to get the pokedex, collected my free pokeballs, snagged the running shoes, and made my way back out to route 102.

my first encounter there was a ralts! of the three pokemon available in that route, i feel like ralts is probably the best option. i caught her and named her bibo. :3

for this session, i pretty much just wanted to get through the introductory parts of the game so i could get my game established and have enough stuff to publish here, so this is where i left off. next, i'm probably going to get bibo up to lv. 10 and then head to petalburg to meet my absent father. fingers crossed i don't goof up and lose anyone before i get to the first gym,,,

i'm going to be using the standard nuzlocke rules as outlined by nick franco, with additional clauses. this list was copied from nuzlocke university.

basic rules:

  1. Any Pokémon that faints must be released or boxed permanently. It is considered “dead” for the rest of the challenge.
  2. Only the first wild Pokémon encountered in a route or area can be caught. If the player fails to catch it (ie. it flees or faints), their opportunity to catch a Pokémon in that area is lost.
  3. The player must nickname all Pokémon they catch or obtain. (This is not technically necessary for the challenge run, but is universally accepted as part of a Nuzlocke.)

additional clauses:

  1. Duplicate clause: If the first Pokémon in an area is one the player already owns, they may continue battling until they encounter one they do not own, and then attempt to catch it. This rule prevents a player from having multiples of the same Pokémon, especially early in the game when the selection of different Pokémon on the first few routes is limited.
  2. Shiny Clause: If the player encounters a shiny wild Pokémon, they may catch it, even if a wild Pokémon has already been encountered in that area. This does not count as the encounter for that area.
this is where we pour one out for our fallen brothers. f to pay respects.

eaten by data loss:

stirfry - lv. 10
bibo: lv. 4