flare //
 happy end  silc //
 in heaven  audio active //
 penalty taker  susumu yokota //
 gataway  silc //
 delirious  aoa //
 stormy soup  ming & fs //
 boogiepop me up  sugar plant //
 a furrow dub  sadesper record //
 torso  yoshihiro sawasaki //
 snow coast  hidenobu ito //
 unstability  rei harakami //
 pone  m.y.k.n. //
 angel in the dark

it's been more than twenty years since this anime came out and i still firmly believe that it has one of the greatest OSTs of all time. it completely blew my mind when i heard it, and i still have it in rotation semi- regularly. all 13 tracks are wildly different, but they each perfectly encapsulate the vibes of this series. angels in the dark, the last track on the album, absolutely had me floored when it was used in the finale and remains one of the coolest songs i've ever heard. i still have a vivid memory of seeing a physical copy of the soundtrack in fye when i was twelve and immediately snapping it up and begging my mom to buy it, and it was one of my most treasured possessions until it was lost in a move. lots of fond memories and nostalgia when listening to these tracks. that said, they still hold up 23 years later and i wholly recommend them.

disc one:

  1. flare // happy end
  2. silc // in heaven
  3. audio active // penalty taker
  4. susumu yokota // gataway
  5. silc // delirious
  6. aoa // stormy soup

disc two:

  1. ming & fs // boogiepop me up
  2. sugar plant // a furrow dub
  3. sadesper record // torso
  4. yoshihiro sawasaki // snow coast
  5. hidenobu ito // unstability
  6. rei harakami // pone
  7. m.y.k.n. // angel in the dark