the only ethical way to procure disco elysium is through piracy
05.14.2023 @ 6:12 PM
welcome to my sick and twisted scorb
04.05.2023 @ 11:17 PM
very grateful i was able to be prescribed paxlovid but its most noticeable side effect is that i have a taste in my mouth like i'm just keeping a nintendo switch cartridge in there like a lil hard candy
02.21.2023 @ 3:36 AM
i haven't been able to stop thinking about hacking mörk borg to make it into an elden ring ttrpg, despite the fact that i've never played mörk borg and i haven't beaten elden ring 🙃
02.21.2023 @ 3:35 AM
VIOLENTLY reminded why i don't drink anymore oh my fucking god i want to leave my BODY !!!
02.10.2023 @ 12:55 AM
skinny puppy is going on their final tour this year and i'm Actually Emotional About It,, and of course they're not coming anywhere near us, because yeah, of course the industrial band isn't coming to OKLAHOMA i'm hgskjskgkhk
02.08.2023 @ 9:43 PM
i have so many cute sozai/pixel grahpic things saved, like the super kAwAiI stuff and i'd love to make a page with them. but then i think, "will, you are a thirty year old man, that's fucking weird" and i never do it. is it weird though?? i don't have any outside input so i don't actually know.
02.06.2023 @ 12:27 PM
mads is sick and i think i've caught whatever they have, which i really can't afford to do since my store only has four employees;;;
02.05.2023 @ 4:07 PM
i'm a "gamer" in much the same way that jerma is a gamer, in that we both don't play video games often but when we do they're either terrible or so far beyond relevance that they shouldn't even run
02.05.2023 @ 2:03 AM
i think i'm just gonna use this for tiny little posts. like microblogging or,, twitter? idk, it's a place for thoughts.
02.05.2023 @ 1:51 AM