i cut off all my hair and oh my god i feel so much better?? i didn't realize how not myself having longer hair made me feel.
05.14.2024 @ 9:16 PM
i made a font that looks like what i desperately wished my actual handwriting looked like when i take notes, free to snag and use if you want a handwriting font. :) here's a preview:
05.13.2024 @ 9:15 PM
i really want to get back into ffxiv but i absolutely do not have video game subscription money... tragic
05.09.2024 @ 12:01 PM
i had to draw over this with my oc. i had to.

his name is anthony, he is a dumb piece of shit and i hate him /pos
04.20.2024 @ 2:20 PM
i want to change my index page but i don't but i do aaaaa... i feel like it's perfect as-is but what if i did a different color scheme!! what if i gave it a theme!!!
04.17.2024 @ 10:23 PM
is there art software i don't hate? i think i've been poisoned by procreate. i want to use my tablet and actually draw with my pc but i can't find anything i actually like. i've tried krita, ibis, even clip studio. the only thing i even kind of fuck with is sai, but i've lost all my brushes and don't have the energy to recreate them all. do y'all have any suggestions for a hater like me?
04.17.2024 @ 3:28 PM
02.25.2024 @ 11:40 AM
feeling pretty awful about everything !
02.15.2024 @ 7:56 PM
i can't stop watching sims 4 builds, people are so fucking talented. i just watched someone build an entire natsu matsuri scene and it was so beautiful. i gotta get my game fixed so i can start building things again, aaaaaaaa
02.01.2024 @ 10:34 AM
i'm still sick but i'm at home, drinking my miso and eating my rice and sitting in my comfy little living room so it's not all bad. i'm hopeful i can go back to work tomorrow, though. 🤞
01.23.2024 @ 9:55 AM
someone email me a pizza
01.22.2024 @ 1:18 PM
how am i supposed to save for top surgery when i have to spend all of my money on things like staying alive?
01.21.2024 @ 1:08 PM
well, i'm sick again for the second time this month. first i had a mild cold, now i've caught bronchitis from mads. missing this much work sucks. but at least that gives me plenty of time to code and play pokemon violet.
01.19.2024 @ 9:42 AM
i WILL learn toki pona this year, this is me holding myself accountable.
01.12.2024 @ 11:10 PM
i have had absolutely zero motivation to work on the site lately, idk why. but i'm home sick today, so i'm gonna at least update my media log.
i worry that i've limited myself with my index page, i'm afraid there's not that much i can do with it. but i like it and i don't want to rework it?? idk. much to think about.
01.08.2024 @ ??:?? PM