i guess if there's anywhere for me to record the fact that someone tried to assassinate trump, it would be here
07.13.24 @ 11:18 PM
i am really, deeply distressed about everything going on politically in the US but i'm just gonna keep posting through it because what else is there to do?
07.08.2024 @ 4:01 PM
last night i submitted my transcripts to asu for their online program. :') i'm going to try to get a bachelor's in computer science. the first time i tried going to college, i was 20 and unmedicated and it was a disaster. but it's been ten years, i got an adhd diagnosis and i'm actually treating it, and i'm really confident. i hope i get accepted!
07.02.2024 @ 11:13 PM
i just ordered my first batch of photo cards for my shop!! i have no idea how long it's gonna take for them to get here but i'm so excited. :)
also! in the coming days, i'm gonna post some minishrines! they're for things that i love but don't want to make a full-page site for. look out for those!
06.30.24 @ 11:31 PM
i feel bad that i haven't had much motivation to work on the site and that it's just been like... minor edits. i just haven't had any inspiration for new pages! i know i have a couple of shrines i need to make, but that's about it.
unrelated, we're in canada visiting page and lewis again! it's been a really lovely trip so far, just hanging out at home and being domestic. we're gonna go into the city later this week, maybe tomorrow? but for now we're just chilling. it's been a much needed and extremely welcome reprieve from our lives in oklahoma. it's really nice to be able to go out in public with facial hair and leg hair and not have anyone so much as glance at me. i could never do that where we live.
so yeah, updates maybe coming soon, but right now as far as web dev is concerned, i'm mostly focusing on page's portfolio. that's actually been a really fun process so far; it's nice designing for other people!
06.17.24 @ 12:31 PM
i am just not smart enough for javascript!!! i'm trying to set up rarebit and it's like i've stepped into another world, this is just not for me. 😭
06.02.24 @ 12:39 PM
i'm building my friend's portfolio site and i am having so much fun with it!!! i love web design!!!!
05.29.24 @ 8:56 PM
i haven't been able to draw anything in so long and it sucks
05.27.24 @ 8:11 PM
people can say what they want, but i personally am loving jerma's retirement arc. i love that he's just doing what he wants when he wants and putting his foot down about chat. it's great. :')
05.27.2024 @ 3:36 PM
i cut off all my hair and oh my god i feel so much better?? i didn't realize how not myself having longer hair made me feel.
05.14.2024 @ 9:16 PM
i made a font that looks like what i desperately wished my actual handwriting looked like when i take notes, free to snag and use if you want a handwriting font. :) here's a preview:
05.13.2024 @ 9:15 PM
i really want to get back into ffxiv but i absolutely do not have video game subscription money... tragic
05.09.2024 @ 12:01 PM
i had to draw over this with my oc. i had to.

his name is anthony, he is a dumb piece of shit and i hate him /pos
04.20.2024 @ 2:20 PM
i want to change my index page but i don't but i do aaaaa... i feel like it's perfect as-is but what if i did a different color scheme!! what if i gave it a theme!!!
04.17.2024 @ 10:23 PM
is there art software i don't hate? i think i've been poisoned by procreate. i want to use my tablet and actually draw with my pc but i can't find anything i actually like. i've tried krita, ibis, even clip studio. the only thing i even kind of fuck with is sai, but i've lost all my brushes and don't have the energy to recreate them all. do y'all have any suggestions for a hater like me?
04.17.2024 @ 3:28 PM
02.25.2024 @ 11:40 AM
feeling pretty awful about everything !
02.15.2024 @ 7:56 PM
i can't stop watching sims 4 builds, people are so fucking talented. i just watched someone build an entire natsu matsuri scene and it was so beautiful. i gotta get my game fixed so i can start building things again, aaaaaaaa
02.01.2024 @ 10:34 AM
i'm still sick but i'm at home, drinking my miso and eating my rice and sitting in my comfy little living room so it's not all bad. i'm hopeful i can go back to work tomorrow, though. 🤞
01.23.2024 @ 9:55 AM
someone email me a pizza
01.22.2024 @ 1:18 PM
how am i supposed to save for top surgery when i have to spend all of my money on things like staying alive?
01.21.2024 @ 1:08 PM
well, i'm sick again for the second time this month. first i had a mild cold, now i've caught bronchitis from mads. missing this much work sucks. but at least that gives me plenty of time to code and play pokemon violet.
01.19.2024 @ 9:42 AM
i WILL learn toki pona this year, this is me holding myself accountable.
01.12.2024 @ 11:10 PM
i have had absolutely zero motivation to work on the site lately, idk why. but i'm home sick today, so i'm gonna at least update my media log.
i worry that i've limited myself with my index page, i'm afraid there's not that much i can do with it. but i like it and i don't want to rework it?? idk. much to think about.
01.08.2024 @ ??:?? PM