viktor vaugh // lactose and lecithin

i'm late to the mf doom game. i only found out about him in about 2014, and i didn't discover his viktor vaughn releases until a couple of years ago. over the last week or so, though, i've been listening to vaudeville villain a lot! it's a great album, not a single bad track on it. they're all so moody and weird, a huge departure from what mainstream rap sounded like in 2003. such a cool, interesting blend of electronica and hiphop. my favorites are lactose and lecithin, raedawn, saliva, and the title track.

genre: hip hop, electronica

release date: 2003

album: viktor vaughn // vaudeville villain

golemm // watch out for golem.

over the last couple of years, i've gotten really into breakcore and its surrounding subgenres. golemm is one of my favorite artists and this track grooves so hard. i don't even have that much to say about it! i just want to share it. check out golemm's other work at their bandcamp. their stuff is fun and bouncy and it hits a silliness button in a way that a lot of other breakcore doesn't. 10/10 recommend.

genre: breakcore, hardcore

release date: 2021

album: golemm // hazardous bubble basics

revolting cocks // beers steers + queers (drop your britches mix)

i've really been back on my industrial bullshit lately after seeing skinny puppy. it may come as a surprise but i was (am?) a "goth", lmao. my mom was really big into goth/industrial music and it rubbed off on me. in my teens and early twenties, i would go regularly to a goth club called assimilation and dance for hours.

i don't wear all black with giant buckle-covered boots anymore, but i still love the music and i always will. revolting cocks is one of the bands that holds a special place in my heart, alongside other wax tracks records bands. i'm recently getting into more of their catalog of work (i had no idea nivek ogre did vocals on a track for them!) and it's been fun. here's a track that is truly iconic, and objectively the best mix.

genre: industrial

release date: 1990

album: revolting cocks // beers steers + queers (deluxe edition)