my code for this blog is an absolute disaster, i know for a fact there has to be a cleaner way to have set this up.

anyway, i said i was gonna post pictures, so here are some pictures. 👍

i was right in my thinking that this whole trip was going to be exhausting, but my god it was so fun. skinny puppy was amazing, i got to meet paul barker (who i didn't even know was opening for them!!!), i got to have an incredible three days in toronto with my best friends, and now i'm finally home. i just hate that i have to go to work tomorrow, lmao. but i do feel refreshed and like i got a good break. i'll post pictures maybe tomorrow? but for now i'm going to smoke a bowl and go the fuck to sleep.

in the thralls of what could have been a manic episode, mads and i bought tickets to a skinny puppy show. we also bought tickets to toronto. we've been saving for a while (and not for anything specific,) so we're not doing anything financially risky, but it still feels wild that we just decided last-minute to take a three day trip out of the country. it worked out really well though bc both the concert tickets and the hotel room let me use afterpay, and i got the tickets way in advance so they were already paid off by the time we booked the hotel room. and our friends are picking us up when we land, so we don't have to worry about crashing anywhere.

it's going to be a rough 24 hours though bc we're:

  • ✦ driving 4 hours for to the show
  • ✦ getting dinner
  • ✦ checking into the hotel
  • ✦ going to the show
  • ✦ going back to the hotel and going immediately to sleep
  • ✦ waking up at 6 am to be on the road by 7 am
  • ✦ driving 4 hours back home
  • ✦ stopping at the apartment
  • ✦ getting our travel stuff
  • ✦ rushing to the airport
  • ✦ getting on a flight
  • ✦ huge layover (that's why it was cheap lmao)
  • ✦ getting to toronto at 11 pm
  • ✦ ubering to friends' place
  • ✦ getting up early to pack in everything we want to do
  • ✦ generally hanging out for three days
  • ✦ flying back home, getting in around midnight
  • ✦ going to work the next day

i'm gonna be fucking exhausted but it's so worth it. we both miss page and lewis, and mads definitely needs a good break w/how hard they've been working.