hello and welcome to my digital commonplace book! i love the idea of saving information that i care about and want to come back to, and while i do have a physical commonplace, i thought it would be a good idea to back it up here just in case. :) feel free to take a look around! if there's anything you want to save, i suggest starting your own commonplace book! it can be a fantastic resource, and something that's fun to look back on later!

if you're unfamiliar, keeping a commonplace book is a practice that dates back as far as ancient greece and rome! it involves keeping a record of things that interest you, that you want to be able to reference and look at later. you can keep anything in one! thoughts, measurements, ideas, recipes, quotes, passages from books, anything you want to have available to you in one place.

i recommend reading balzer designs' article as well as this one by kevin eagan!