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welcome to da jpg zone

hi, i'm will. i've tried a thousand times to use neocities to make a professional portfolio or something more like a carrd, but i've never actually finished any of those attempts. i've been around since the internet actually looked like this, though, and i miss the uninhibited fun and creativity of the old web. instead of trying to sell myself or my work online, i've decided that i just want to use this space to play around, learn new web dev techniques, and post things that make me happy.

over the last few months, i've had a great time tweaking this site, creating things for it, learning how to get it just right, etc. it's been infinitely more fulfilling than what i was doing before, and honestly i recommend it to everyone. having your very own little web haven is a blast, and it's a welcome reprieve from social media.

here's a good video for you :)

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